Writing Inspiration: Going Places

I recently took a trip, over summer, to Alnwick Castle, one of the filming grounds of Hogwarts for the Harry Potter movies, and other on-screen locations in various cinematography. It was beautiful, and I got the chance to go on the movie tour that they offer, as well as walk around both inside the castle, and outside around the grounds.

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Something that I realised, during this trip, was that locations like Alnwick castle, can be such an inspiration to writers, as well as most other artists. As I made my way around Alnwick Castle, I had so many ideas spring into my mind about settings, plot ideas, potential character arcs. Just from walking through this historical place, I felt a spark of my imagination relight, something I had been struggling with for some time. Little ideas started to form in my head. “a medieval joust”, “a picnic in the field of daffodils”.

What I am trying to say is, as writers we need to get out more, see these historic places, and let them inspire us. We should go to see old castles (especially if you are in the UK because we have so many), we should visit places like Stonehenge, the Lake District, and so on. Places to fuel our imagination, and inspire us to create such fantastical settings. These places are all around us.

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It is not just the historic places, but also the small, simplistic, and everyday places, that can bring such simple yet effective inspiration to us. You don’t have to go out of your way, and sometimes pay, to visit historical sights. A walk in the forest with your dogs, a picnic in a field with your family, a road trip with your friends, all of these things are just as likely to spark your imagination. You need to open your eyes, but more importantly open your mind, see the little things around you.

That odd formation of trees in the forest? Perhaps that is an entrance into the kingdom of the fae. The view from the top of the hill on a morning hike? Perhaps that is the view from the castle where a heartless king mourns. The world can bring such other worldly inspiration, and as writers, it is our job to fish it out.

Our job as writers is to transport our reader into our own worlds. We have to go places, and experience as much as possible to make that work.

So my quest for all of you writers out there; I want you to just take a moment out of your day this week, and I want you to go outside, and go somewhere that will help you draw out that inspiration. Take a walk, or visit he countryside, and take it all in. I want you to write about it, use all your senses, and imagination, and create something new from what you see.

I’m Emily Grace, and this is my masterclass… (not really, but I needed somewhere to tell you about my lame ideas for writing)

I enjoyed this little blog post on writing, and I am hoping that in the future I can start incorporating more writing-related content onto my blog, especially with NaNoWriMo right around the corner.

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